Why attend

Pre-wedding photography is the best way to get acquainted and clarify your visions while understanding how the chosen wedding photographer works. It's also a fantastic opportunity to trial hairstyles and makeup. Whether the photoshoot is included in the package or offered as an additional option, it's an opportunity worth considering and can significantly influence how smoothly your wedding day goes and how satisfied you are not only with the day but also with the results.

It helps alleviate feelings of awkwardness.



"I don't know how to pose, and I hate being photographed." That's perhaps the most common thing I hear from couples during our first consultation. What if I told you I have a solution? Pre-wedding photography! It allows you to feel comfortable and gives you an idea of how things work and what you can expect on your wedding day. Plus, we'll already know each other, I'll know how to quickly relax you, and you won't be extremely self-conscious or embarrassed. I'll give you advice, and trust me, I'll completely distract your mind from my camera.


It helps to get to know each other.


Take the opportunity to get to know each other. For example, during our pre-wedding photo sessions, I like to have some food and maybe a drink, make time for a chat, and truly get to know the couple on a more personal level. I'm happy to go to your favorite spot. We'll find common ground and before you know it, we'll end up feeling like good friends.


You will have beautiful photos.


This is almost self-evident. You can use the photos for a canvas print, or for your wedding announcement. The list goes on and on! Are you looking for a gift idea for your mom or dad? Why not a beautiful portrait of you and your significant other in a frame? I guarantee they will appreciate it.


We will capture important moments of your life.


The wedding day is a huge event. Honestly, one of the biggest in your life. But how long does it last? 10-14 hours? Maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less? So why neglect the preceding 12-18 months? Don't overlook the engagement period and don't focus solely on the big finale! Focus on both! After all, these are the months when you're planning your future family life.

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