I am a girl with a love for adventure. I cherish wandering through nature and exploring unfamiliar places. Additionally, I find great joy in water activities, which allow me to connect with nature and experience adrenaline-filled moments. During my free time, I enjoy taking walks with my dog.

I was born in the Jeseníky Mountains, and now I live in Prague, frequently visiting Litomyšl. Besides photography, I occasionally engage in script continuity and production work for films. I also manage social media accounts for Fujifilm CZ. In the past, I led a group of young photographers in DDM, and it was an amazing experience for me. Watching young people seek their own style and means of expression through photography is highly inspiring to me.

Why should I take your picture?

Having photography as my profession is an incredible honor for me, after all, it gives me complete control over the visual storytelling of life's moments. I don't want to shape your story into something fake just to fit into a standard template, but I hope to create something honest and true to who you are.

For me, my role is much more than taking nice pictures of a couple in an anonymous setting. I'll be there if you decide to climb Sněžník at sunrise just for the feeling of accomplishment and because you love it. I'll hold your hand and probably pant and catch my breath with you. I'll be there if you decide to go swimming in an icy lake and I'll probably be the first one in and last one at of the water. I'm there to capture the beauty of moments when you're happy. I care about you! Because photographs should evoke real memories.

I would be happy to be part of your experiences that we can capture for the coming days.

More facts and interesting things about me.

I enjoy...

favorite food:

Every moment of life. But sometimes you have to stop.

Lasagne a sushi

What recharges my batteries...

I started photographing weddings,,

Coffee and sunshine! As long as it's not too hot.

at 22 years old

My education:

Favorite season:

I have completed pedagogical high school. I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Multimedia Techniques, and my Master's program is in Arts Management.


Favorite hobby:

favorite movies and series:

Hiking, kayaking

Marvel, Games of Thrones, The Handmaid's Tale, You

Předsvatební focení Lom Nepomyšl, Foto lenka vaníčková

So, what do you say? Will we see each other?

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine your dream photoshoot. Do you want me to be there?

let's get together

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