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Wedding venues around Litomyšl

When you start planning a wedding in Litomyšl, you may find that choosing a beautiful venue is not easy at all and that the selection is not as "big" as you might think. And yet, there are truly many locations that may simply not have well-optimized websites for search engines. Let's take a look at a few of them!

Would you like a wedding at the castle? For 20 or even 300 guests? You can have your own catering, music, flowers. There is no rental fee here. You have several options where you can hold both the ceremony and the subsequent reception. The classic place for the ceremony is the Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross, or the chapel in the castle brewery, Castle and Monastery Gardens. The celebration can take place in the Column and Vaulted Halls, Riding Hall, or Seminar Room. Accommodation for guests is provided in the Castle Hotel, hostel, apartments. For the less demanding, there are accommodations in the attic of the brewery.

I have been collaborating with the Castle Hill for many years, which is why I know all the spaces and corners perfectly.

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In Široký Důl, you'll find a beautiful farmhouse that offers rental of the premises, including accommodation for 44 guests. It's possible to set up tents on the adjacent meadow. The ceremony can take place at the wooden altar directly above the guesthouse, or alternatively, within a 10-minute walk, there is a Baroque church. I can highly recommend Mr. and Mrs. Vomáček and their wedding venue - I've never experienced such pleasant owners anywhere else!

svatební místo v okolí Litomyšle - Na lukách

The Guesthouse and Restaurant U Zběhlíka offers wedding spaces for up to 100 people. Accommodation is currently available in seven rooms. The capacity is expected to be increased in 2023. There is also a small wellness area. The rental price is 20,000 CZK (excluding VAT). Full-day catering starts at 1800 CZK per person.

svatební místo Svitavsko - Litomyšl, u zběhlika, foto Lenka Vaníčková
svatební stodola borohrádek, svatba litomyšl, fotograf litomyšl

Stodola Borohrádek is located on the edge of a pine forest, where even foxes bid good night. It has a seating capacity of 140 people, but the area is truly vast and can accommodate far more guests. The rental of the wedding barn is always from Friday to Sunday, and you can arrange everything yourself here. As part of the rental, there is a warehouse full of decorations and accessories (table runners, vases, candlesticks, candles, napkins, lanterns, etc.), and you can "party" here until the early hours of the morning without disturbing anyone.

The estate in "burgher" style with extensive gardens, including century-old trees and a consecrated chapel, is located in Němčice near Litomyšl. The guesthouse offers accommodation for 14 people. You can bring your pets with you, just be prepared to be accompanied by plenty of local animals as well.

Svatební místo Litomyšl, svatba svitavy, Na nebesích Nemčice, foto lenka vaníčková

The old German farmhouse has a unique atmosphere for weddings for up to 200 people. There is a barn, a pub, a children's corner, and a closed courtyard available. Accommodation is possible for 17 people.

statek 100dola, svatba ve stodole
Svatební místo v okolí Litomyšle, penzion na bělisku

Vopařilův statek is a rural farmhouse located near Vysoké Mýto and Litomyšl. It is not a standard wedding venue, but you can certainly negotiate with the owners. Suitable for small weddings.

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Nestandardní místo pro svatbu v okolí Litomyšle, Vopařilův statek

Pension Na Bělisku offers, in addition to the restaurant, a large hall, terrace, and extensive surrounding grounds. The capacity for weddings is 110 guests, with accommodation available for 22. Since 2023, the place has had new owners, and for this year, you can arrange catering according to your preference. Bringing your pets along is not a problem.

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Obora Resort is a nature resort located near Lanškroun, offering a children's playground, a swimming pool on the other side of the pond, and a multifunctional sports field. There are cottages for 130 people in the area. You can plan a wedding here for several hundred guests and choose from several possible venues.

svatební místo lanškroun, obora resort

A completely new wedding venue, which includes accommodation for 26 guests. The capacity for weddings is around 100 people. You can arrange everything yourself here, and there is excellent catering facilities available. The owners can arrange various types of marquees for you, and there are round tables and basic equipment available. The entire area consists of several separate buildings, and the rooms are full of natural light. There is a large garden next door, all surrounded by meadows.

svatební místo v pardubickém kraji, zájezdní hostinec obora trpišov, svatební výzdoba tabule

The Obora Restaurant is amazing with its typical Czech cuisine and accommodation in a peaceful environment near Chrudim. It is a lovely place for small and large weddings (up to 100 people), with accommodation for up to 28 guests. You can have the ceremony right in the garden next to the house.

Svatební místo v Pardubickém kraji, Lovecký zámeček Karlštejn

Another castle in the vicinity where weddings can be held is Karlštejn. The complex consists of three buildings surrounding a courtyard with a tree-lined alley. Here you'll find a romantic courtyard, a garden, historical halls, a re-consecrated chapel, a restaurant, and accommodation in the hotel (capacity of 32 people).

Want to make your wedding day a bit unconventional? Take a look at the Cultural Center and Museum of Old Machinery and Technologies in Žamberk. It's set in the original environment of the former Vonwiller and Company textile factory. In the summer months, you can also enjoy the outdoor terrace next to the exhibition.

Svatební místo Litomyšl, Žumberk, VONWILLERKA, netradiční svatební industriální místo, Autor fotografie: Puf Creatif

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At the Horky Mill near Litomyšl, you'll feel like time has stopped. Stylish accommodation, the secluded setting by the forest, and the pond ensure a perfectly romantic atmosphere.

An interesting space with a large garden for chilling out, plus a "barn" for evening parties. In the residential part of the lodge, there are two fully equipped apartments for 12 people. The perfect thing is that the area is secluded, so you won't disturb anyone.

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A beautiful place with history is Chata Polanka. You can accommodate 48 guests here, but overall, you can host a wedding for about 100 guests. Hot tubs are also available.

If you don't want a wedding at a castle or in a barn, there's the option of renting spaces at the Municipal Brewery in Ústí nad Orlicí. You can have the ceremony in the courtyard under the open sky or indoors. Currently, there's a restaurant, hotel, brewery, café, and conference hall. The hotel offers apartments of various types, with newly renovated rooms furnished with stylish furniture.

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Svatební místo v okolí Litomyšle, Cedrový penzion, fotografie Lenka Stehnová

The Cedar Pension made of Canadian red cedar has been in operation since May 2013. It offers four stylishly furnished apartments with a max.imum capacity of 20 people. For weddings, an interesting accompanying program can be arranged, such as a golf academy for beginners.

Autor fotografie: Lenka Stehnová

Netypické svatební místo na Svitavsku, Apartmány na Vršku

Do you admire horses and animals? You'll find plenty of them behind the guesthouse. There is a social hall with a capacity of about 30 people and an outdoor insulated gazebo for 80. Accommodation is available for 21 guests.

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Natural materials, unique spaces, the nature of the Orlické Mountains foothills, and above all, comfort and tranquility. Each of the eight apartments is unique not only in its space but also in the use of wood material. In the area, there is an outdoor gazebo with an outdoor grill for chicken or fish and a clay oven for bread, pizza, or vegetables. It's not a typical wedding venue, but I believe the celebration here will be truly beautiful!

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I don't particularly like most cultural centers and similar halls, but this one, after reconstruction, looks fantastic! You can easily organize a large wedding for up to 100 people here. There's also a small garden available.

A large wedding can be organized in the Art Nouveau-Neo-Renaissance building and cultural monument: Smetana House. I've seen the decorated spaces several times, and it's always been an experience. Another venue is Hotel Aplaus, which offers top-notch and high-quality gastronomy. Luxury accommodation is available in 21 double rooms and 2 apartments. The hotel stands out with its unique design. It features a restaurant with a lounge, café-bar, and outdoor seating on the terrace by the Monastery Gardens.

For weddings of 20 to 100 people, you can also choose Hotel Zlatá hvězda. It's located right on the historic square of Litomyšl and offers quality accommodation with a total capacity of 32 rooms. If you're not too picky about the venue and would appreciate a wedding in the fresh air, try contacting the FotbalPark Černá Hora complex. Here you'll find outdoor seating and a beach with sunbeds, an indoor bar, and more.

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So, have you found the right one?

I hope I've listed all the nicer wedding venues in the Litomyšl area, and that the article at least somewhat eases your work and long hours of searching. If there's no location here that interests you and you don't mind traveling a bit farther, check out the Most Beautiful Wedding Venues in the Vysočina Region.

By the way - do you have your photographer yet? As a wedding photographer, I offer free transportation within Litomyšl and up to 20 km around.

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