Guide for the Bride and Groom


In the questionnaire I sent you, I inquire about specific points related to the timeline of the wedding day. Always leave some extra time and avoid planning anything too specific. This is because unforeseen events often occur on the wedding day and plans may change... it just happens. Some things may take longer than expected, while others might be shorter. The most important thing is to make your day in a way that you feel relaxed and not rushed/stressed.

The sample timeline serves only as inspiration and will vary depending on the sunset and ceremony time.


January 3:00-4:00 PM February 4:00-5:00 PM March 5:00-6:00 PM April 6:00-7:00 PM May 7:00-8:00 PM
June 8:00-9:00 PM

July: 8:00-9:00 PM
August: 7:00-8:00 PM September: 5:00-6:00 PM October: 4:00-5:00 PM November: 3:00-4:00 PM December: 2:00-3:00 PM


Photos are meaningful not only for you but often especially for your parents. Some moments may hold more significance for them than we realize, such as the preparations. This is because people often don't remember the details of their clothing. When you were a child, your parents helped you try on shoes or pick out shirts, and now, as you've grown and are preparing for the wedding ceremony, it's a unique opportunity to reminisce about your entire childhood. I often advise that if your parents are still with you, it could be a good idea to invite them to the morning preparations so they can help with dressing one more time, perhaps for the last time.

If you want to have photos of various tiny details, please have them together in one place (for example, in a shoebox). If you and the groom are getting ready at different locations, please keep ALL your belongings with you, and I will take them to the groom after photographing

svatebni boty

What to prepare?

Please have the dress on a nice hanger. If you haven't bought any special ones, no worries! Any nice wooden hanger will be great

Groom: shoes, ring, ring box, bowtie or tie, tie clip, handkerchief, watch, cufflinks, wedding vows, cologne.

Bride: wedding invitation, shoes, ring(s), ring box, bracelets, earrings, necklace, wedding vows, perfume

Additional details: If you have any sentimental items that you love and feel would be great accents in the detailed shots, feel free to include them (lace, fur, miniature plants, beautiful stones, anything!!). I enjoy incorporating flowers into my detailed shots. If possible, prepare the bride's bouquet as well.

přípravy nevěsty, statek samsara, svatba blansko

The key word for the entire day is lighting. Light plays a huge role in photography, and sometimes it can make or break a photo.

Choose a brightly lit room with large windows. Getting ready by a big window can bring in a LOT of natural light! It's also a secret to beautiful, naturally looking photos! Artificial and overhead lighting creates a strange, unnatural yellow tone on the skin that is hard to notice with the naked eye but is extremely visible in photos. Moreover, your hair and makeup artist will definitely appreciate it too!

Keep in mind that everything in the room will be visible in the photos. Therefore, it's best to leave unsightly blue Ikea bags at home or hidden somewhere.

I usually start photographing the preparations when you're almost ready, because let's be honest, no one wants photos with half-done hair and makeup.

Ask your makeup artist during the wedding trial how much time she will need on the wedding day and add some extra time (I usually suggest half an hour). Also, ensure that your trial reflects the final result - try running, shedding a tear, or similar activities with your makeup/hair.

If you're interested, on the wedding day, we can take boudoir photos as a surprise for the groom. However, it's important to let me know beforehand and allocate about an extra hour for this.


When planning the ceremony, try to avoid the hours between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. Choosing a slightly later time when the sun is a bit lower and not directly overhead will give me the opportunity to capture more beautiful landscape photos, and the skin tones will be very flattering. In an ideal world, the perfect time would be around 2-3 hours before sunset.

If the ceremony is facing the sun, it can cause everyone to squint and create harsh shadows on the face, which can be quite unflattering. Essentially, make sure the sun is setting behind you. At the same time, I don't recommend choosing a spot under a tree (you'll have shadows everywhere) or using an outdoor gazebo (it will either make you appear too dark to avoid overexposing the background, or I'll have to choose overexposure, plus you might end up separated from your guests and not clearly visible).If you're concerned about cloudy weather on the wedding day, trust me, overcast days create beautiful lighting (no harsh shadows, no raccoon eyes, or shadowy mustaches).

Don't rush during your entrance and exit; enjoy those unique moments and don't focus unnecessarily on the camera (including during the signing). Take your time with the ring exchange and the kiss – I recommend making the kiss a bit longer rather than shorter.

I highly recommend that guests refrain from using their mobile devices during the ceremony. Even if they think they are discreet, they will invariably step into the aisle. Sometimes their flash will go off just as I'm capturing your first kiss, resulting in oddly lit photos. You invest a lot of money for professional shots, so it's a shame to have them 'spoiled'. Let's kindly ask them to fully enjoy this significant moment with you and be true witnesses to your vows.


After the ceremony, I usually capture group photographs, which typically take around 20 minutes. To make sure we stay on schedule, I need a list of groupings. Please upload the list in a Word format to the questionnaire about a week to two weeks before the wedding.

Having a list saves a lot of time and simplifies the whole process! The reason I ask for the names of the members is to avoid any awkward family dynamics! Instead of saying 'bride with dad and stepmom,' I can simply say 'Sarah with Tom and Eva.' It's much more professional, and the family is more likely to respond when they hear their real names. No group will be forgotten, and you'll have a calmer mind on your wedding day. A well-thought-out list of groupings prevents people from unnecessarily returning for multiple photos. Plus, it helps me immediately understand the relationships and know who belongs to whom (which helps me photograph the rest of the day as well - I can prioritize photos of you chatting with your sister instead of a distant aunt who is talking to someone else). At the end of the group session, I often receive compliments on how easy and organized it was, thanks to the list of groupings.

We allocate about 2 minutes for each wedding group. Smaller groups work best with a maximum of 12 people. However, if you prefer not to have this session, that's perfectly fine. 🙂

Typical Groupings:

  1. All Guests
  2. Newlyweds + Grandparents (David, Ema, Tomáš, Jana)
  3. Newlyweds + Groom's Parents (Marek, Aneta)
  4. Newlyweds + Groom's Parents + Bride's Parents (Marek, Aneta + Ondra, Johana)
  5. Newlyweds + Bride's Parents (Ondra, Johana)
  6. Newlyweds + Siblings (Adéla, Puky)
  7. Newlyweds + Witnesses (Jonáš, Dáša)
  8. Groom + Groomsmen (Dan, Řízek, Honza, Jedlička)
  9. Newlyweds + Groomsmen (Dan, Řízek, Honza, Jedlička)
  10. Newlyweds + Bridesmaids (Anna, Jana, Dana, Eva, Petra)
  11. Bride + Bridesmaids (Anna, Jana, Dana, Eva, Petra)
  12. Themed (Classmates, Colleagues)
  13. 'Quick Groups' (Anyone else who can wait and get a photo)"


Believe me, no one wants photos of open mouths full of food, and that's why I'll be eating at the same time as you. If possible, please don't place me in a different room. Being in a separate room isn't ideal because I might miss out on interesting moments happening when I'm not there. On the other hand, it's great if I have a spot at the edge of the table with a view, so I can step away from it anytime.

svatba v Praze, mlýn na dobré vodě, fotografka lenka Vaníčková


The ideal time for a photo session is in the evening during the 'Golden Hour' around sunset. This is because of the better lighting and a more relaxed atmosphere. Many guests won't even notice that we're gone during this time.

svatba míšenský dvůr, svatba na vysočině

The length of the photo session varies. More time means more photos, but more importantly, it enhances the quality of the pictures, as it takes a while for you to relax and capture those natural, love-filled moments. Typically, I photograph couples for around half an hour to an hour. However, the exact duration depends on you. If you want to allocate more time for photos in your wedding attire and not stress about the schedule, considering that classmates and family are waiting, I recommend discussing the possibility of scheduling a 'Post-Wedding Photo Session' on the following day."


svatební kvíz pro novomanžele, zvedání bot, svatba mlýn na dobré vodě, svatební fotografka lenka Vaníčková

If you're considering illuminating the wedding venue, keep in mind that the color you choose for the lighting will affect the color tone of the photographs. For example, if the lighting is pink, everything will have a pink hue.

Please communicate with your wedding coordinator or DJ to ensure that all colorful, strobe, or disruptive lighting is turned off, leaving only warm lighting for important moments such as the first dance, special parent dances, and cake cutting.

I strongly recommend using colored lighting exclusively during the dance portion of the evening. I don't want you looking at the photos later and thinking, 'Oh, I wish I had turned off that blue light because now I look like a Smurf…' Haha! You definitely don't want that.

Nevertheless, it's always important to remember that where there's no light, there's no photograph. Italian string lights look stunning, whether indoors or outdoors. Additionally, these lights provide a beautiful bokeh effect (blurred, sparkling orbs in the background of photos).


Do you want a sparkler dance/guard of honor? Fantastic! I recommend getting sparklers that are long enough. If they're too short, they might burn out before all the guests get a chance to light them. Try to buy ones that are around 70 cm in length, and also include a few lighters and candles in your basket. On-site, make sure to provide a bucket where we can safely dispose of the used sparklers after they burn out. Also, choose a song that we can play as background music for this activity.

This activity lasts about 15 minutes. We will be photographing the sparklers during the so-called 'Blue Hour,' which occurs approximately 30 minutes after sunset.

BE in-the-moment

All of these are just tips and suggestions that will help in creating your wedding day. But what truly matters is the time you'll share to celebrate the bond between you and your love, with your family and friends.

A tip for the end

On your wedding day, I want you to feel these moments in your soul. When you walk down the aisle to your love, when you exchange vows, and when you share your first dance as husband and wife. These are the moments that count, and these are the moments I'll capture for you... so they'll be with you forever 🙂


We discussed various other aspects such as dresses, suits, cameras, or anything else? You'll likely find this information in the following posts.

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